About Us

Full Circle started out servicing one of the largest convenience store chains in the world. We do everything from floor strip and wax, pressure washing, curb and handicap painting, Concrete cleaning, grout cleaning, tile replacement, interior painting, canopy cleaning, crash pole, dog bone, and canopy pole painting, and concrete restoration in the parking areas. As time went on we started doing more and more services. Today we service and maintain a wide variety of retail situations, medical, veterinary, industrial, and much more.

Full Circle was founded on 2 major principles.

I. Give the customer outstanding results


It has been our model for over 10 years and it works. We understand that we can’t please everyone but we give 100% to each and every project that we undertake and we desire to bring forth the type of results our customers are satisfied with.

Give Customers

Great Results

Give Employees

Opportunity to Succeed

II. Treat our employees like we would want to be treated

  • Hire people with good attitudes that are not afraid of work
  • Teach them the proper techniques to do the job
  • Show them how to be courteous to others while working on the job
  • Put them in position to succeed
  • Pay them a good wage with opportunities for bonuses

For employees it’s an opportunity, not just a paycheck. Our employees understand that if they perform well, have a good attitude, and work with our customers the results will speak for themselves. They also realize that with every job comes an opportunity to not only make a base wage but if all the above criteria are met an opportunity to earn a very good wage! We create these pay models based off of what we would expect to make working hard and achieving great results every night.

People are people and customers are customers…Does it always work? Of course there are circumstances. All we can try and do is reduce those circumstances to a minimum with this model and we have found that many, many, times this works.

The ultimate goal with every customer is a win, win, situation that we both are satisfied with. This leaves a long lasting relationship with growth, trust, and mutual respect which is the ultimate goal in any business relationship.